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Some Of The Popular Desserts Of The United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates or UAE is a country which is known for wide range of things. This oil rich Middle East country has gained global attention due to its iconic skyscrapers, increasing global activities, man-made islands and a lot more.

However, there are more to this, UAE is also known for its distinctive life style, dressing sense, cuisines comprising of desserts and other food items and a host of other things. Let us take a quick look towards all the popular desserts of the UAE as mentioned below:

Milas Kunafa- This famous Arabian dessert kunafa is a bright pink little cake that is crispy, crumbly and has a biscuit like texture that contains a sweet, smooth cream. It can be said as the Middle East answer to the red velvet cupcake and is a true delight for the taste buds. This is one of the best alternative if you are looking for best cakes in Dubai to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Electric Kulfi– This is one of the signature desserts that is created by the noted chef Sanjeev Kapoor. The wonderful sweet dish involves a concoction that includes a crispy, deep fried version along with a popping candy for an explosive surprise. For all the cake lovers who are unable to give a sweet surprise to their taste buds due to the absence of a timely cake delivery in Dubai, UAE can find the divine taste in this mouth-watering dessert.

Chawan Mushi- It is a classical Japanese savoury dish that is prepared by steamed egg custard. However, this traditional Japanese sweet dish has been given a complete revamp to maintain the authenticity of Arabian cuisines. The new dessert is created by spreading multiple layers of custard onto one another which forms a foam which is layered with the fresh papaya that creates the illusion of mousse.

Luqaimat- It is an age old delight that gives a wonderful sweet offering to the visitor. It consists of dumplings that are drizzled with date molasses known as dibs and are known as the official sweet of the Emirates.

Balaleet- The dish is a popular cuisine which is consumed during breakfast as well as standalone desserts. Balaleet is made from the sweetened vermicelli, eggs that are spiced with cardamom and saffron. The dish is served with plain omelettes and are used just like breads to scoop up and eat the pasta.

Ranjina- It is a date based dessert that is consumed as a routine dish in the Iftaar parties during the holy month of Ramzaan. Ranjina is a sweet dessert that consists of a base of fresh peeled dates where pits are replaced with almonds or walnuts which are decorated with a dark roux, cinnamon and powdered pistachios.

Baklava- The sweet dessert, Baklava is one of the popular Turkish import that has become quite a favourite among the locals of UAE. The dessert consists of paper thin layers of phyllo dough that are encasing chopped nuts and are held together by honey or any other sweet syrup. For the people who are just tired with the taste of available cakes in Dubai can pamper themselves with this extraordinary sweet delight.

Umm Ali- If you are looking for something creamy and smooth for your taste buds, it is time for this exceptional dessert known as Umm Ali. The dish is a delicious creamy, bread and butter pudding which is the main component of every special occasion in Arabia.       

Try out any of the desserts of the UAE and give yourself a sweet treat that can cherish your memory for a lifetime. It is time to satisfy your sweet cravings with these notable desserts and sweet dishes that are truly unique.                       

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