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How To Make An Office Farewell Memorable

A business is nothing without its employees and when an employee decides to leave your company for better opportunities, instead of getting angry, the more professional way is to respect the decision and send off the departing with an awesome farewell party.

Now, farewell parties in a corporate environment are a bit difficult to plan but you can always ease the process if you follow certain tips. The following section will shed light on some of them. Please pay attention.

Spice it up a bit!

A farewell party and that too in an office doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a boring one! Why not call in bucks party strippers from renowned service providers to spice things up a bit! But before you do, be sure that you have consulted with your co-workers. If everyone starts feeling awkward, the fun is lost, get the idea!? 

Always say goodbye by revisiting good memories

An office farewell party should not only focus on good food and music. It should also be looked at as a chance to revisit good memories the staff had in the past with the one that is leaving your company. Be sure to create a montage by taking the best pictures the staff had with the departing employee.

While the montage is being played on the projection screen, refer to the one who is leaving several times so that he or she gets the message that they are valued and will be missed.

Be very careful when you are selecting farewell gifts

Farewell parties mean you would need to take some time out and hunt for the perfect farewell gift as well. But whatever you do, do not select something that can put everyone in an awkward situation.

Since you are the owner, it is best that you review your company’s rules set in place for corporate gifts. On top of that, you can always ask for help from your co-workers to ease the process.

It is best that you avoid gifting cash rewards to the departing employee. It can result in the person landing into legal issues with the tax guys. Get the idea!?

It is best that you speak to your employees after the party

After the farewell party is over and the departing staff has left the company for good, be sure to hold a meeting with your workforce and talk freely with them. This conversation should relay that you are happy with the decision of the one who left the job for better opportunities.

Furthermore, be sure to set the tone right when you are delivering your words. You should sound excited and seem to be looking forward to the one who will be filling the gap in your workforce.

The reason for this conversation is simple and straightforward – to deflect the attention of your workforce from the loss and help them to focus on the stability of the company.

Running a business means a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. On top of that, you should always make sure everyone in your office looks up to you and respect your decision. Bidding an employee goodbye with a proper farewell party strengthens your image in your company. Your workforce will respect you more and will understand how much they mean to you.

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