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Positives Along With Negatives Pertaining To Sleeping Positions Of The Newborn Baby

Has the thought ever crossed your mind on how your newborn baby is going to sleep. The kind of options which you have at your end may seem a bit daunting. So what are the sleeping options for the newborn baby, let us discuss the pros along with cons associated with each of them. The bottom line is that you need to take a decision which is right for you as well as your baby.

Co sleeper

Also referred to as co sleeping bassinet, bedside sleeper allows your baby to sleep just beside your side. It resembles the size of a crib, but one side is lower than the other  which may allow you to reach the baby safely if he or she needs feeding


  • You can go on to reach your baby easily for a feed or cuddle, and for this reason nighttime disruption happens to be a bare minimum
  • The baby is safe because of their own space and it is smaller than a crib
  • A lot of models which are available in the market have locking wheels so it is possible to move them from one room to another with ease.
  • Some of the models can have their side up, which can be turned into a bassinet or down, then can be turned into a cosleeper


  • As it happens to be smaller than a crib, it outgrows itself much faster
  • If there are no wheels it is hard to move them from one room to another
  • The bedding accessories tend to be a lot limited


Works out to be a small bed for the toddlers or babies,  works out to be one of the traditional options. The major advantage of it is that it requires less updates, and it cannot be used till the child is ready or graduate into a full sized bed


  • Available in a host of shapes, styles or designs
  • One can find accessories of it in an easy manner
  • It requires less need to be updated as it can be converted into a toddler’s bed


  • A Larger size than other options available in the market which is bound to make your baby unsettled
  • One of the most expensive options which is available in the market.

A bassinet

It is considered to be one of the best newborn baby sleeping options. It is known for its small size which provides a level of comfort to your baby. Cradles work out to be another variation of this type of bassinet and since they come with wheels it is easy to roam all over the place


  • One can move it all around the house
  • The small size of it means it can fit anywhere in the house
  • The baby is cozy which will help them fall asleep in a better way


  • The options are indeed limited when you compare them with cribs.

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