Use These Tips To Find The Best Wedding Photographer

Weddings are the most beautiful and exciting part of your life, and you obviously want everything to be the best. Right from your trousseau to the setup, everything needs to be the best for you to create memories that last a lifetime. Now to capture all these moments, you need a wedding photographer! Somebody who can click mesmerizing pictures of all the candid moments and impresses you with outstanding work.  Continue Reading


Bruce Weber Photographer Offers A Few Tips On Capturing Impactful Black And White Images


Monochrome photography is an artistic photography style that involves the use of a single hue to colorize an image. Rather than having colors from across the spectrum, monochrome image simply has one color scale. The viewing behavior is what sets monochrome photography apart, in addition to the obvious absence of color. Viewers ideally observe varied amounts of light instead of the usual difference in colors when looking at a monochrome image. These images generally use tonal contrast to represent an idea or tell a story. It helps capture a surreal view of the world that is quite interesting to look at. Many industry professionals, including Bruce Weber Photographer, prefer to take photographs in monochrome. Bruce usually captures black and white images that have a distinctive dramatic and emotive vibe. Continue Reading


5 Tips To Take Stunning Photos Of Your Dog

Dogs are our best friends and quite fascinating. They keep doing things that amaze everyone. As a pet lover, you may have tried capturing those moments in your camera but it isn’t that easy, is it? But if you follow these following tips you will surely become an expert in dog photography with some good practice. So, here are our top 5 tips. Continue Reading