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Are Air Conditioners Bad For Health?

What do you mean by Air Conditioners?

Air Conditioners are the machines used by people to get rid of the hot and humid weather in summers. Air Conditioners are also referred to as AC. These are the machines that people use in their houses to get cool air.

There are two types of Air Conditioners- Spilt Air Conditioner and Room Air Conditioner. Further, these AC’s have so many different types of models. People should service their AC’s time to time, if not done then Air conditioner has so many bad impacts on the body. There is so many ac service company that will do proper and efficient servicing of your AC.

What do you think air conditioners are good for health or bad?

There are so many facts that say air conditioners are good for health whereas some facts say they are bad for health.

Let’s have a look at all the essential facts that will tell you whether AC’s are good or bad for health. The facts will give a specific description from which you will get to know if they are bad or good:

Health effects of air conditioners on health:

  • Air conditioners are the best machines that people can use in a city having heavy smog weather such as Toronto.
  • Researching companies have found that AC is the machines that help people in taking fresh air because when you switch on AC you shut down all doors and windows.
  • At that time, there are fewer chances of getting harmful air inside the room. Therefore, AC further helps in lowering air pollution in your room.

But if a person does not maintain proper temperature, then there are chances of getting so many health issues. Below are some effects that are caused by AC on the health of people. Air conditioning service is there to help you in finding the best suitable AC for your houses.

  • Mould Growth: The process of cooling down hot air creates moisture but this moisture vents outdoor from a pipe. While venting this moisture out, the dust gets stuck in the conditioners if not cleaned time to time it can create a lot of problems to the body. This is one of the major side effects of having Air conditioners.
  • Low Humidity: When you switch on your AC, all the moisture is sucked out of the room only the Dry and cool air is left. This dry and cool air can create so many problems in nasal passages, congestion etc. Sometimes people get problems with breathing also. This is the other bad impact of AC on the human body.
  • Airborne Illness: In offices, buildings etc. some people use air conditioners that use water to cool air. If these type of Ac’s are serviced properly then are no risks at all but if they are not maintained from time to time, there are greater risks of getting so many Airborne diseases.

These above mentioned are some of the bad impacts of AC. Therefore, from the above article, we come to a point that says AC have both bad and good impacts on health.

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