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Important Things To Know Before Taking Kent AMC

Kent offers a wide range of water purifier, water filter online at the best value. Though there are numerous Water purifier companies in India, the important matter is style, and trust. Kent is the 1st company to introduce RO Water purifiers in India. Kent RO purifiers provide the purest water along with essential natural minerals. This purifier is superior to purifiers that are entirely UV purification by adding the RO method additionally to UV purification. Therefore the water that we tend to get isn’t solely pure but also safe and healthy. 

Thus this is certain that the service provided by Kent extremely good and one will certainly be sure to shop for water purifiers from Kent. Kent is one among the top Water purifier Brands in this country. It offers a large variety of service centers situated everywhere in India. One of the most effective facility of Kent availed is by their Service App. Before buying and installing the water purifier, they supply free home demo and for that technicians comes and makes the purchasers understand the TDS level of water then according to that they suggest a model. Customers can also contact them via phone. Their service team is extremely responsive. One among the best help which they offer is by their repair or service app. Their service team is extremely quick to reply. Some satisfied customers say that they never had to face any major issue with Kent RO service.

For only Delhi-NCR customers, the service responsibility lies with Kent RO Systems. For all different regions, the service is the responsibility of the Franchisees (and not Kent). Even the AMC contract is between the client and the Franchisee. This can be confirmed by Kent. The disadvantage is – if the Franchisee provides poor service, you have got no alternative choice. 

Some individuals in the Bangalore area using Kent RO water purifier has complained about Kent AMC cost. They say that water purifier does a good job in purifying water. However, once it starts having issues, they have understood how costly it is to maintain Kent water purifier.
For example, one customer staying in Bangalore said that he had purchased the purifier for around Rs. 14500/-. The licensed service person told him that, three filters need replacement and it might cost around Rs. 4800/-. He additionally said that, because of the nature of water in Bangalore, he sees lots of complaints about the water purifier, and advised that it’s better to have Kent’s annual maintenance contract. For this model, he said AMC costs around Rs. 6000/-. Kent website says Rs. 2000/- for AMC for that model. Then the person said, it’s not for Bangalore, and advised the customer to enquire Kent customer care. When he called customer care, it said, they don’t know what the price for AMC in Bangalore is and therefore the customer had to go by what the service person had said. He ended up paying around Rs. 8000/- for AMC and a few parts outside the six months initial warranty.

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