Tips For Fishing In Winter Months

As the winter approaches, most people prefer to stay home to keep themselves warm while stalling outside activities, including fishing. But before you think of packing up your lures or hanging carp fishing rods, know that winter fishing can have many advantages too. First, due to many anglers cosying up at home or going hunting, there is less fishing competition. Plus, freshwater fish group up during winter provides the perfect fishing opportunity. With that said, cold weather fishing certainly is more challenging compared to other seasons. Nevertheless, with careful preparation and by considering the following suggestions, fishing can be as enjoyable in the winter months as in the summer:-

  • The Right Time

Throwing baits through the water before the cold front passes is the ideal time for fishing. Fish movements are less during the cold fronts, and they come out in large numbers to feed actively before the event. The optimal timing to improve your odds of fishing could be anywhere between 10 AM and 4 PM. Do not forget to keep an eye on the weather forecast for snowfall or windstorms when planning your fishing trip.

  • The Perfect Spot

Finding the perfect location on the river bank or the edge of a pond is crucial to catching. Because of the drop in water temperature and overcast conditions, fish tend to swim into open water where the temperatures are slightly higher due to direct sunlight. From the safety point of view, stick to rivers and lakes with a stable current. It is easy to find more detail about fishing spots on the websites of local government agencies.

  • The Gear

To prevent stiffness caused by the thickness of the oil or grease, make sure that your reels run smoothly and add lubrication. Check the lines and use a line conditioner to prevent water from freezing on the guides of your carp fishing rods. Besides, you must wear insulated and waterproof clothes to protect yourself from catching frostbite.

  • The Right Bait or Lure

In the winter, the reduced metabolism causes fish to move less, so they can get frightened by quickly moving lures. Instead, using live bait that reacts naturally to cold water can attract sluggish fish to it. But if you want to use artificial bait, better use ones that are small in size, have feathers attached, and carry attractants.

While it might seem foolish to visit a lake or river in the winter months, one might end up catching more fishes than expected, provided they go well-prepared. Fishing is an adventure, so the season should not matter much for those who love it. If you keep these things in mind, there is no way that you cannot catch a large number of fish.

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