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Reasons Why Honed Concrete Floors Are Ideal for Your Home

You always look for unique and creative ideas to renovate your house to make it look stand out from the rest in the locality. There are innumerable ways to remodel a house, ranging from painting the structure to changing the look of the kitchen. But what really captivates people is flooring.

Honed concrete floors are an ideal option to garner lots of attention from visitors and passersby. What sets this flooring apart is that it instantly upgrades the style statement of your house. Besides improving the look, it comes with plenty of advantages and some of them are outlined below:

It looks incredible

Though this textured flooring is meant for exterior areas like driveways, swimming pool, patios and footpaths, it looks great when opted for interior flooring. The honed surface is achieved after a level of grinding gives an outstanding matt finish which makes the floor look incredible. Plenty of pigments are available that can make your visitors gaze at your house flooring.

It is long-lasting

Ideally, hard igneous rocks are used for honed finishes. These rocks resist wear and tear, henceforth can go for a smoother concrete finish. Furthermore, they require low-maintenance to sustain the matte finish look. The concrete is so hard that it is almost unbreakable. Suppose, you are moving heavy-weight furniture from one room to another, you can shift it easily without affecting the surface. The bottom line is you can rest assured not to call professionals for decades to repair the flooring.

It has high anti-slip resistance

As this flooring is honed and does not have a smooth texture, it provides a brilliant anti-slip resistance. Even if you spill oil or water on the floor, the rough finishes will stop you from falling. The edges enable more friction between the surface and feet, giving you a better grip. This flooring is perfect especially if you have a toddler in your house. He or she will not slip and will get hurt due to the coarse structure.

It maintains colour

You do not have to panic that the concrete pigments will lose its colour over the years. The colours stay intact even after years of usage. This floor has high durability and longevity which retains the hues as well.

These are a few advantages of choosing honed flooring over others. There are several other floorings as well, but honed concrete is something that grabs attention instantly. From providing the homeowners with plenty of benefits, this floor can enhance the style of the house. Whether you put it on the driveways or decorate some of the interior sections of your house, these concrete floors are a surefire way to make the spot look stunning.

However, it is recommended to seek guidance and help from a professional such as an award winning team at DS Grinding. They can give you all the details, budget and the time frame within which your new floor will be ready to use. Without much hesitation, get in touch with professional renovators and go for honed flooring.

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  1. Flooring is what captivates people the most when they see the interior of any house or room. Like any other flooring be it, hardwood, tile, stone etc, honed concrete floors are also an ideal option that gains a lot of attraction. The advantages for the same are plenty too. This blog will be a benefit for all those people who want to go for honed concrete floors. Looking forward to more great pieces of work.

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