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Procedure For House Clearance With Proper Instruction

A house clearance means clearing your household contents completely or partially in case if you are planning to shift or renovate your house. House clearance is a very complicated and dreadful task if you are doing it yourself. Most of the people prefer hiring house clearance services to do this task. House clearance service agents will do a fantastic job with the packing and clearance of your household items. They are expert in this profession and there is less chance of errors or breakage.

The process of house clearance service companies:

Firstly, you need to hire the right firm. You will have to do a research and find a list of house clearing firms online. Go through their reviews, know about services they provide, check their ratings before hiring one. Suppose you are staying in and around Essex, do a search online and find out about the house clearance service Essex.

Once you shortlist the agents, you need to discuss with them and find out about the cost involved. The job will be discussed by the firm with you. You will have to provide details such as the size of the house, number of items to be cleared. After all the details are provided, the firm will then quote a price. Some of them will personally scout your house before giving a quote. After you get few quotes from different house clearance firms, you can finalize on one.

The cost usually depends on the number of items being cleared.

Give proper brief/instructions:

You need to give proper instruction to the house clearance firm. You will have to instruct them in detail regarding the items to be cleared, furniture to be moved, the list of items that need to be handled carefully. You will have to tell them the about items to be kept in the house itself. Some of the house clearance services also have storage space. They can store your items for a particular period for a cost till the time you finalise what to do with it.  For example, in Essex area, search online for house clearance service Essex with storage space if you want a firm with the storage space facility.

Clearance Day:

On the day of the house clearance, the firm will be there at your property with its workers and will start with their job. They will start moving everything from the house and will keep it for disposal. They will go through each and every item based on the instructions given by you. If they come across something important then they will keep aside it for you to check. Clearance might take an entire day depending on the size of the house and depend on the number of items. They will load everything onto their vehicle for the disposal.

Once everything is loaded, they will then take all the items for disposal. Make sure that the disposal procedure is environmentally friendly. The firm should follow all the government regulations for the disposal. Before hiring the firm, you have to make sure that the firm fulfills these requirements. Make sure that the firm holds a valid waste carriers licence published by the Environment Agency. If the disposal is not done based on the regulations, then you will be fined and not the firm.

These are some of the points that you need to keep in wit if you are planning to hire a house clearance service.  

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