Guide To Apply For Canada Immigration Services

Visiting Canada is what people are looking forward to. You need to check out this guide to find out more. You will have to apply through the application guide for the temporary resident visa if you stay outside Canada. Also, check for the processing fees which can differ from one visa to another.

You need tp know everything about the application processing times to ensure that visa application if filled in a proper way.

Who can visit Canada?

Those persons are categorised as visitors to Canada which don’t come under the Canadian citizens. The persons also don’t need to be the permanent citizens of Canada. You can visit Canada under the following circumstances:

  • For family visit
  • For some business
  • For spending your holiday

Free Canadian immigration evaluation services are also offered which require filling up of the information in a specific way.

Who is a visitor?

A person who is in Canada lawfully is termed as a visitor to the country. For the temporary purpose as well, a person comes to visit Canada which may be the reasons related to work or pursuing education. A visitor is not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Such a visitor also should not hold permit from the minister.

How to apply for Canadian visa application?

While applying for visa visitor Canada, you need to check for the two-steps process which is discussed below:

  1. If the person is a foreign national, the person also has to submit the visit visa application. This is submitted to the Visa office in the country where you live. The applicant will have to appear for the interview with the visa officer.
  2. After the visit visa has been issued the applicant may visit Canada. The applicant will be subjected to the questions posed by immigration officer. This is essential to ensure the admissibility of the applicant.

Types of visa

In Canada, different types of visa are offered. Check out the different types of these visas which are as follows:

  • Single entry visa which can be issued for 6 months before your travel date
  • Multiple entry Visa is valid for 10 years

There is another condition in which a foreign national can also apply for temporary resident even if he has the immigrant visa. For completing the Canada immigration visitor visa, you need to see the sections below.

For some countries, you must hold the visitors visa in order to visit Canada.

Procedure to apply for immigration visitor visa

You can check out the following procedure to get immigration visa:

  • You can apply online for which you need to have a scanner and electronic copies of the documents which are required for uploading
  • You also need to have a credit card for completing the payment

You can also apply on paper which requires you to pay up your application fees and submit the application. If you are applying through paper, you also need to have the biometrics including the fingerprints and photograph.

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