5 Tips To Take Stunning Photos Of Your Dog

Dogs are our best friends and quite fascinating. They keep doing things that amaze everyone. As a pet lover, you may have tried capturing those moments in your camera but it isn’t that easy, is it? But if you follow these following tips you will surely become an expert in dog photography with some good practice. So, here are our top 5 tips.

Plan before you go for the shoot

When you shoot for your client you need to plan some shots before in your head. You need to think of certain themes and poses that you may use with the client’s dog. You will have to explain to your client so they can conceptualise what you are going for.

Schedule your routine according to the dog

Dogs do better when they are completely active. So, make sure to click the pictures after the dogs had their food and are completely woken up. Clients generally demand jolly pictures of their dogs. Therefore, you need to time your routine according to the dog.

Get down to the dog level

Dog photography is a strenuous ( difficult) job. You need to put your muscles into it. You may have to lie down on the ground or sit down low to click exquisite photographs. For example, if you wish to shoot a picture of a dog running towards you, you will have to lie down on the ground. This will allow your camera to come in a straight line with the subject. It helps in better focus on the face of the dog.

Keep the camera ready all the time

Take lots of pictures and keep your frame rate high! Dogs get bored very easily. So you need to be very quick in capturing random action pictures. Since dogs are not static for a good amount of time, you need to keep moving and adjusting to get the perfect photographs. Keep your camera ready at all times because you never know what the dog might do.

Use natural lighting

The dogs are more natural and free when they are outdoors. They need to be comfortable for the shoot which is not possible with the studios. The studio lights will just make the dog feel bored or scared. You don’t want such pictures, do you? Natural lights will help to make the scene more alive!

Once you are done with the photo shoot you have to select the best. You have to shuffle through hundreds of shots in order to find the best ones. You must have fine editing skills too. Editing is what makes the photographs come alive no matter what kind of photography. So, start practising today and show the best of what you have.  

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