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Most Common Sports Injury

Sports are a great way to keep yourself fit and indulge in an activity that helps relieve stress and rejuvenate both physically and mentally. Whether you play sports as a profession or as a hobby, injuries are an inevitable part. How prone you are to injuries depends totally upon the sport that you play.

Millions of people visit the sports injury clinic in Worthing to get treatment. Some injuries are intense or severe enough to restrict the person from playing the game, while some get healed with regular ointments. If you are also into sports and meeting severe to minor accidents is like an everyday thing, it is vital to know about the common sports injuries. Once you have thorough knowledge about the injury types, you can figure out the treatment type and ensure that you stick to your sports routine effortlessly.

Injuries That Are Common In Sports People

Knee Injuries

One of the joints that endure maximum impact as you play any sport is the knee joint. Hence, these joints experience a lot of wear and tears like dislocation, fractures and cartilage tears. You can protect against these injuries with proper warm-up exercises and working on the posture. However, if you still get the issue, visit a reliable sports injury clinic.

Strains And Sprains

Strains and sprains are the injuries associated with the muscles and ligaments. These body parts are more prone to getting injured during sports activities as they move in the directions they are not supposed to move. You can treat the strains and sprains with regular ointments, but it is advisable to visit specialist clinics to rule out the ligament tears.

Tennis Elbow

No, it is not an injury associated with playing tennis. Golf is also one of the sports that give tennis elbow. This injury occurs when the ligament of the elbow tears due to excessive use of the tissue. It is a recurring injury. Hence, you must consult a specialist if you get a tennis elbow.


Fractures happen mostly in the body parts that endure more impact of the different sports activities. Your legs, arms, ankles and wrists are more prone to fractures which can be painful and need immediate expert attention.

In sports like soccer, if the head experiences sudden impact, it can damage the tissue holding the skull. It can range from mild to severe, leading to unconsciousness or dizziness. One should immediately visit the sports injury clinic in Worthing to get quick treatment.

These are some of the injuries that are common in people that actively play different sports. If you experience any of these injuries, visit the specialized sport injury clinics to get the treatment. Do thorough research and explore all the choices before choosing the clinic, as your entire sports career can depend upon the recovery.