How To Increase The Life Of The Air Suspension System In Your BMW Car?

Compared to traditional multi-link, independent, or McPherson Strut suspensions, air suspensions do not need periodic replacements or preventative maintenance as they are more durable and for the right reasons – air suspension systems are very expensive which is why they are available in premium cars such as BMW 7 series.

With that stated, it is best to keep in mind that even OEM air suspension setups can wear out prematurely if they are not subjected to minimal upkeep.

So, if you are the owner of a BMW car then as per the opinion of a revered BMW mechanic, owners of cars equipped with air suspension systems should follow the tips mentioned below if they wish to increase the life of the same –

Always Check For Leaks In The System

One of the primary steps you can take to ensure the air suspension system of your car lasts long is to look for leaks in the airlines or the air suspension bags. If you witness that your car’s stance is unusually low then there could be an issue with any one of the four air suspension bags installed in it. Check-in with your BMW authorized mechanic right away!

The Air Compressor Too Needs To Be In Its Prime

Another way to ensure that your BMW 7 series is not having any issues with its air suspension system is to make sure that the air compressor feeding into the system is in its prime. If that is not the case then your car will ride abnormally low and no matter what you do, you won’t be able to raise the height of your car.

Check your computer and type in ‘Who Can Fix My Car’ to locate the nearest mechanic shop now!

Look For Rat Bite Damage And Mechanical Mishap Damage On The Air Suspension Bags

You should also look for premature signs of wear and tear on the air suspension bags of your BMW 7 series car. If you notice that the air suspension bags have signs of damage from rat bites or from mechanical mishaps then avoid putting off the trip to the mechanic’s shop.

Visual Inspections And Regular Cleaning Can Go A Long Way

It is always a good idea to visually inspect the tires of your car and at the same time, peek beneath the vehicle and check for oil spills or liquid droplets before heading out to work. While you are at it, you should also visually inspect the air suspension system of your car so that you do not damage the system further by riding your car to work when it has suffered an issue with the air suspension system.

Also ensure that you clean your car’s interior, exterior and underbody at least two times a month as it will allow you to keep your car from suffering irreversible damage from accumulated dirt and debris.


Apart from following the above-mentioned tips, you should also remember to take your car to an authorized BMW service centre so that the mechanics specializing in BMW cars can take a look at your vehicle. Remember, prevention is better than cure which is why never skip periodic servicing appointments for your BMW car. You take care of your car and she will take care of you on the road, period!