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The Best Available Knee Protection

In case of adults kneecaps refer to the almost circular bone that is attached in the lower end of the femur which is the long thigh bone. This useful part is required for extension of the knee by providing better leverage to the tendon of the muscles in the thigh area. At birth this part is not made of bone but of cartilage. Through the process of ossification this cartilage form turns into a bony structure. This process starts for any human being at the age three and the formed bony structure is known as kneecap. In fact if they were born with such bone structure then it would had been very painful for them while crawling which is such a vital  part of development.Moreove the babies stumble and fall a lot so the cartilage based  patella version  is very comfortable. This portion is vital for the structure of the tendon which has to bear lot of stress as someone grows up.

Ossification process

The ossification process for female child is over much earlier so generally they are shorter in height compared to men. Somehow more or less all the cartilages turn into bones before birth but not the cartilage of the patella. It all depends on the way one thinks because if the cartilage based patella is regarded as kneecaps then babies are born with that and if not then they are not born with the version with bone. In fact when you consider that the knee has to take lot of balance and only a bone structured patella can withstand such strain. As anyone grows then the baby like flexibility is no more when compared to the extreme pressure on the knee for babies due to continuous falls and stumbling. Tendon is very strong types of tissue which perform the connecting functions of the parts of the leg so that movements are become more flexible.

Withstanding the pressures

The valid reasons the babies usually do not have any fracture in the knee area because softness of the patella can withstand lot of pressure which in later stage is not possible. Now the moment you ask the question that are babies born with kneecaps then by this time you have the answer. For the babies initially the bones have to be soft to encourage growth, on the other hand a baby is born with the bones being formed then the scope of growth is blocked. By the time the child crosses three years of age the cartilage portion starts stiffening and gradually it turns into bone

The specific designs

In late adolescent period all the cartilage portion is entirely turned into bone. You do find synthetic baby kneecaps in the market which are made of soft materials and conveniently stretchable. It greatly protects the knees of your dear one from bruises resulting from fall. These products are found to be very effective when the baby starts crawling.

True child safety

The sponge pads in such protective form sufficiently provide the needed support to withstand pressure due to fall. It is a useful addition to the other various protection gears for the babies and children.

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    Yes, knees are the building block. If our knees are strong and without any injury, we can survive and walk long. That is why knee protections are necessary to protect them from getting damaged. Thank you for sharing the very helpful information you have provided.
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