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Why Use Tiles In Your Home

If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen or bathroom, chances are you’ve considered tiling. It’s one of the most traditional ways of decorating these functional rooms in your home. What’s more, ceramic and natural stone tiles can be considered for other rooms in the home. Taking a leaf out of our European neighbours’ book, us Brits are considering tiles floors in our lounges, halls and elsewhere.

If you’ve developed a trendy, minimalist look in your home – probably due to that leading Scandinavian homeware company – then tiles are definitely for you. However, if you have opted for decadent Victorian style décor or a country cottage feel, you’ll still find a tile to suit your needs and reflect the style of your home.

You could consider using the same floor tile throughout your house and then change the mood and feel of each room with different soft furnishing and wall décor. The same floor covering from the hall through the house makes it feel more spacious and gives you the chance to be more creative with other elements of your furniture and furnishing.

For an all over home floor tile we’d suggest choosing a porcelain or natural stone tile in a pale, muted beige or cream shade. These are completely on trend and provide a clean-cut neutral background for your bright and vibrant furnishing and provide a robust and easy to clean surface for busy families. With a neutral floor you can tailor your house to the seasons with pastels and muted shades for summer and rich reds and greens for a cosy winter. Some people even choose to tile their front porch and outside but you need to be sure you choose a frost-resistant tile.

In the Kitchen

Ceramic tiles in the kitchen are ideal for floors, worktops and splash backs. All mess from fat to grease to spilled sauces and food can be simply wiped away and dirty footprints from the family and pets can be cleaned in minutes. If you want even more hygiene assurance you can choose an anti-bacterial protected grout and strong bleach and cleaners will not damage the finish of the tiles so can be used when necessary.

In the Bathroom

Bathroom tiles are the perfect choice because they’re clean and hygienic for both walls and floors. Young children and even adults can be extremely careless in the bathroom and water does end up everywhere. Ceramic tiles mean you don’t have to worry about drips and spills as liquids can be wiped up quickly with no lasting damage. Tiles mean you’ve got waterproofing for you walls and floors and you won’t have to deal with soggy wallpapers or carpet.

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There is no reason you can’t use your tiles all across your home or just in the most convenient areas for you. There is scope to incorporate them throughout your home or simply ensure you have the most hygienic and easy to maintain bathroom and kitchen. The choice is yours but the wide range of tiles out there means there is something for every kind of buyer.

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