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What Heels Should You Be Wearing This Autumn?

It’s a funny kind of time of year, September. Your ears are full of the sounds of summer – the festival you went to, the club music you heard on holiday, whilst your eyes are confronted with the overwhelming signs of Autumn. Ever so quickly, the cold has crept in and instead of reaching for our sun cream we are reaching for the throws, the cushions and the blankets.

So it is at this time of year that a wardrobe clearout seems opportune. After all, you can’t really get away with wearing your denim shorts, flip flops and custom embroidery design  t-shirts when it’s raining. However, having spent so long in the sun, the thought of shopping, deciding what to wear and actually making a purchase seems like an insurmountable task.

Never fear. We are here to guide you through the trials and tribulations of organising your autumn wardrobe. Let’s start at the bottom and work up, as they say, by taking a look at footwear today.

So, if you want to know what heels you should be wearing this Autumn, you need to start off by deciding what look you prefer. Do you, for instance, like wedges teamed with floral dresses? If so, there are lots of super cute wedges out there. Alternatively, you may prefer the low-key look of Mary Jane court shoes, which work equally well for work or play.

However, if you like to make a statement, then you really are in for a treat. There’s a whole host of shoes for you to choose from. Vamp peep toe heels, ankle strap cleated sole heels, lace up shoe boots, cut out shoe boots… the list goes on and on. These are the kind of shoes you’ll love to wear out on a special dinner date, having fun with the girls, or even (if you dare) to the office. They work well with skinny leather-look jeans, bodycon dresses, pleated mini skirts and even the cute dark floral prints we all know are going to be huge this season.

Once you have the shoe situation sorted, you’ll be ready to tackle the huge array of colour, print, pattern and texture choices that lie waiting for you this season. The trends this season are rather varied, with grunge making a comeback, as well as the folksy, ethnic vibe of the Baboushka look. You’ll find yourself simultaneously heading back to the nineties and go back to the future with colour blocks and monochrome.

I think there is something quite liberating about wearing statement heels. You’re telling the world you are strong, confident and happy to show off your figure. Team the shoes with a killer outfit and you’ll be rocking it this Autumn. However, a word of warning: Many of these shoes are quite high heeled, so if, like me, you’re not used to wearing them, get a bit of practice in around the house before stepping outside. The consequences could be quite embarrassing otherwise!

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