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Welcome A Painless Knee Joint With The Best Of Surgeons!

Walking around your own house becomes pretty time consuming if at every step, you are battling severe knee joint pain. Unless you have any injuries, the major issue with your ailing knee is arthritis. Medications, physiotherapy, knee caps- effective at some scenarios fail to relieve severe pain at certain points of time. At times, there is a stiff pain observed in your knees even while you are resting them down. This is the condition that calls for a knee replacement surgery.Most often it is osteoarthritis playing the major role behind this chronic pain of your knee joint. Yet again, nothing can beat proper diagnosis in order to identify the cure.

Causes of chronic knee joint pain

Summing it up without much of the medical terms like ‘damage of cartilage’- the knee joint pain goes down to- rubbing of knee bones against each other. This can be due to loss of the synovial gel and severe damage of an elastict issue that acts a cushion support to the knee bones- your knees hurt worse even if you are not moving about on your toes in such cases. Generally, these are types of arthritis- osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis being the common ones. In case of any severe injury, post-traumatic arthritis is the cause for damage of your knee joint. With growing demands and advanced techniques, cost of knee surgery in India has slightly drifted toward the ‘affordable’.

 There are a few more conditions for which knee replacement surgery is the only cure. These include unusual growth of bones in the knee joint, haemophilia and death of bone in the knee joint.

Prerequisites of knee replacement surgery

Depending on your case, your surgeon may come upwith any alternative surgery like arthroscopic washout, mosaic plasty or osteotomy or even a partial replacement surgery for your knee joint; but always check for the detailed review of any surgery before making a choice. A little more pre- surgery activity is recommended by many for faster recovery. These may include a proper physiotherapy, little bit of swimming or just a morning walk. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that your knee muscles should be well strengthened for a successful replacement.

A few tips for the post-surgery care

In case you go for a partial knee joint replacement, that is, only one side of the joint is replaced, you will take a lesser time to recover while a total knee joint replacement would call for a week-long hospital stay. Always there’s a certain set of exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist which works wonders for early recovery. Recommendations say using a walking support is helpful during the post-surgery period. After about six weeks,post-surgery time, you would be able to walk without any aid. For those, who have driving as a part of their daily schedule, it would take around a dozen week for you being able to drive.

Though the reasonable knee replacement surgery cost in India has made it a more common option for many, yet the related complications and risks like vein thrombos is still prevent people from opting for it.Yet again, considering the chronic pain, this replacement surgery seems to be absolutely worth it for a relieved life.

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