Tips To Prepare For A Pridmore Cox Property Valuation

While getting your residence valued by a firm like Pridmore Cox, there are certain basic tips that can get you a better value. It is more or less the same as hosting a guest, hence, you want to make your house as neat and tidy as possible.  

Many people underestimate the value of these factors and end up drooling about their house being devalued by the agent. So, if you wish to do better than them, the key lies with these factors. 

How To Prepare For The Property Valuation?

  • Tidiness is the very first thing an agent will observe. If you cannot keep your house clean, they presume, how would you have taken care of the more important of its elements. So, give your house a thorough clean-up before the valuation. The key areas to clean would be Lawns, Bathrooms, and especially Kitchen areas as they are the ones that get dirty and damaged easily. 
  • Give the agent access to the house as they would want to measure and evaluate the property thoroughly. Make the process swift and easy for the agent and he’ll return the favour with a positive evaluation. 
  • If you’ve recently renovated or given your house a little makeover, it is vital that you let the agent know about it. This translates to a better value for your house despite the shortcomings. 
  • On your part, it is better to be prepared with brochures that explain the property values in your area. It comes in handy to know when your property is being valued higher or lower than what it deserves. 

How Long Does Property Valuation Take?

The amount of time the valuer will take to evaluate your property varies according to the size of your property. It also depends on how easy you make the process for him and how easily you allow him access to all parts of the house. 

Given that you choose property valuation services like Pridmore Cox, the process will then be smooth and you will get your rates as quickly as possible. Either way, the entire process takes time and it might end up taking a few days as well and you should be patient with the process. The valuer would compare the property rates, do the required research, and do a lot of other necessary checks in order to determine the suitable value for your party. 

So, be patient during and after the offer and try to be as honest with the valuer as possible. This will make him comfortable and you will most probably get a good value for your property. Given that you tidy up your property thoroughly and be honest with the process, you are likely to get a decent value. 

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