The Role Of Fire Door Inspections In Building Safety And Compliance

Fire doors are a passive fire protection measure we’re all acquainted with. Designed to assist contain the unfold of fire and smoke within the construction and give occupants a means of getaway, they’re a highly crucial protection feature in any commercial assets.

Not only do fire doorways themselves need to be as much as regulated but recurring fire door inspection and renovation should be on the top of any construction manager’s precedence list. Failure to stick to fire safety guidelines under The Regulatory Reform (hearth protection) Order 2005 should land you in criminal hot water and put tenants in danger.

What To Check While Examining A Fire Door

The Door: Look for a certification (CE) mark, regularly placed on the top or side of the door. This will tell you that the door has received third-party fire door certification. There are still homes with vintage fireplace doorways that might not be up to traditional anymore so you need to be thorough together with your inspections.

Hinges: fireplace doors are heavy, so check that the hinges maintaining the door in place are in desirable working order. Any damage or unfastened fixings need to be addressed quickly.

The Door Surrounds: search for any damage or cracks around the body and how well the door sits within the surround. If you may see daylight around the rims, that desires to be corrected. Gaps will permit smoke and fire to unfold, so want to be kept to a minimum – that’s less than 4mm along the rims and as much as 8mm at the bottom of the hearth door.

Handles: handles get lots of wear and tear and may be important in enabling tenants to get away from an emergency, so you want to make certain they may be still securely constant to the door and in proper working order.

Close Mechanism: fire door inspection looks for doorways that are designed to close using themselves, so you want to ensure that they are near easily and fully. Any issues with this can go away gaps by which fire and smoke ought to skip.

Intumescent Seals: These are the seals that run around the threshold of the door or body and are designed to increase while uncovered to warmth. Their reason is to shut any gaps and thereby help stop the spread of warmth and flames, so any damage you note in the course of your fireplace door inspection desires to be rectified.


In case you’re liable for fire safety for your construction, you want to ensure that fireplace door inspections are carried out properly. In case you don’t have the expertise to try this yourself, you need to call for the experts to do the inspection.