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Surprising Things You Would Want Your New Born Baby To Replicate?

As a soon would be mother, you need to clearly understand the new born skills are going to be like. In fact are you going to be the little one who would lose sleep who is going to fill your life with joy and laughter? The pregnant community can provide you with valuable inputs. If the above questions bother you then you might be anxious and let us get to the facts.

All of us would have heard that the arrival of a new born does bring a sea of changes on to your life. Still there are many facts associated with the arrival of a new born baby that you might not even be aware.

New born replicates wrinkled and old when they are born

This is true as you might have seen holding new born babies in their arms. You might assume them to have a rosy face with a cute smile but nothing stands in comparison to the feeling. The moment a baby is born their entire face is covered in wrinkles even going to cover their face and eyes. The eyes are also going to be closed and not opened as you did go on to imagine before pregnancy.

There are instances where the baby would be having hair all over the body giving you a feeling is they suffering from lanugo. This is a layer of hair which protects a baby once they are inside the womb. In case of vaginal birth the head of a baby could look out of track as the journey it passes through the birth canal.

In the first few weeks new born will split and poop a lot

About the new born baby this is another concern to address. You could feel that the new born baby is a tiny bundle you would be really surprised on the amount of waste they go on to generate all the more so during the first few weeks. In the first few weeks the split and the poop is going to be so common that it is going to make you wonder from where it is coming. Seldom in most of the cases might you have to change the diaper of the baby once in 30 minutes? Even when the splitting is at a rampant pace you might have to change their clothes.

The babies are not only going to poop a lot but they do so with a lot of explosion. Sometimes you would be surprised that when you took your baby to a doctor the diaper would be wet with a poop explosion. Pregnancy and baby forums point to lot of debate on this topic

In the first weeks the baby is going to react

For a new born baby the new born will look back and smile at you in order to acknowledge the presence. But this is not going to be the case as you need to be prepared for a degree of disappointment once the baby is born. For the first few weeks the baby would hardly have time to do anything.

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