Making Your Journey Secure And Wonderful

Are you keen to explore different parts of the globe and experience the life of all diverse lands of the world? Travelling is the best learning experience. All age groups infants, adults, and the elderly can plan out their vacations and spend delightful time.

You need not worry regarding how to plan out your journeys – cruise or safaris. All you need is to contact some travel agency and they will do all the chores for you.

There are different travel insurance companies around the world that help you out to make your journeys safe, secure and adventurous.  One such renowned travel insurance provider is Avanti Travel Insurance.

Avanti Travel Insurance aims for maximum customer satisfaction. The entire team works well to meet all the needs of the travellers at affordable prices and minimising inconveniences.

Why select Avanti Travel Insurance:

  •        Provides low cost travel for those above 50s and suffering with foregoing medical conditions.
  •        Does not have an upper age limit.
  •        High comfort zone.

Policies of Avanti Travel Insurance:

Avanti Travels Insurance offers a wide range of policies as mentioned below:

Single Trip Travel Insurance: Single trip policies include trips such as golf trips, water sports such as rafting, boating, surfing, and much more.


  •        Emergency medical helpline available 24*7
  •        Medical overheads up to £10,000
  •        Maximum trip span for 365 days for below 70s

Annual Travel Insurance:Annual Travel Insurance includes limitless trips for all the travellers under any age group for a year. You need only pay for the service you are availing. If you do not carry luggage, you can debar the baggage cover premium from the policy.


  •        Maximum trip terms available for 31, 45, or 60 days.
  •        Grandchildren and youngsters under the age of 18 are insured free.
  •        17 days free water sports included on annual trips.

Winter Sports Travel Insurance:It offers a complete package that includes winter sports such as skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and alpine skiing.


  •        Available for persons up to the age of 70 only
  •        Cancellation cover up to £10,000
  •        Avalanche cover up to£250

Cruise Travel Insurance:The cruise cover provides the best travel policy that will meet all your cruising demands. If you are out of your health when boarding cruise ships, you will have to pay soaring amounts in order to avail the medical facility. It is advised to take the insurance before travelling.


  •        Cruise delays up to £1,000
  •        28 hours of homelike aid and support
  •        Cruise stop changesup to £1,000 per port

Above 50s Travel Insurance:Provides a greater comfort to all the elderly travellers making their trip easy and secure.


  •        Medical facility available all the time
  •        Personal possessions funds up to £5,000
  •        Medical expenditures up to £5,000

Business Travel Insurance: The Business travel policy includes covers for a person or more who have pre-existing medical conditions. Those waiting for health check-ups and diagnosis are excluded.


  •        Numerous trips with maximum duration of 31 days
  •        Persons above the age of 75 are not allowed
  •        Winter sports up to 17 days per travel included
  •        6% Insurance Premium

Family Travel Insurance: You can enjoy single or multiple family journeys throughout the year with your family. Avanti Travel Insurance provides the best packages at low prices and aim to make your trip a wonderful one.

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