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How To Use Mirrors In Vintage Interior Design

Despite heralding the start of a new millennium, the home interiors of the noughties have been dominated by everything vintage. From the timeless twenties art deco to fabulous fifties styling, vintage design has exploded onto the home décor scene and continues to grow in popularity year on year. One of the biggest stumbling blocks with vintage design of course is sourcing original pieces to create the period styling you are looking for. True enough, there is no shortage of antique stores and boutiques offering their wares for eagle eyed shoppers, however the cost of decorating your home with vintage pieces can prove problematic for those who don’t have the budget of an upmarket interior designer.

Fortunately the high street is awash with vintage inspired accessories and textures that can add an air of Victorian elegance or a touch of the swinging sixties to your home without the jaw dropping price tag of an original item. In fact, interior designers themselves are choosing to mix and match vintage and modern pieces to create a fresh, eclectic look that gives a gentle nod to certain eras rather than overwhelming a room with one style decade.

Whether you wish to completely makeover a room in one style of simply add some vintage design elements to your home, one of the easiest ways to update the overall look and feel of your interior design is with mirrors. Using mirrors as architectural centrepieces is a great way to do this. A large art deco mirror placed above an original fireplace in a 1920’s terrace will set the tone for vintage style perfectly, or perhaps a gilded frame mirror in a grand hallway will create effortless glamour in a Georgian townhouse. Here we have five stunning mirrors that would bring the overall look of your high street bought furniture together to create vintage style on a shoestring.

  1. Georgian grandeur

This stunning gilded mirror simply oozes regal elegance, so hang it in in a prominent place such as the hallway, staircase or above a fireplace to set the style tone and add wow factor to your home.

  1. Victorian values

No era does opulence and detail quite like the Victorians, and their mirrors were delicate and intricate. Rather than go for a hung mirror, why not add an exquisite hand mirror carefully placed on a dressing table or armoire for a true vintage feel.

  1. Fabulous forties

The forties fashion and home décor styles were bold as they embraced the changing world both during and post war. This beautifully crafted mirror boasts the classic glass etching nodding to the former decadence of the Victorian era but also encompassed the more modern lines of the art deco movement.

4. Swinging Sixties

This rattan and bamboo mirror echoes the free spirited style of the swinging sixties, incorporating the ever popular sun and starburst styles of this era. This mirror would make a real sixties statement when hung in a hallway or living room.

  1. Seventies Styling

The seventies were a decade of experimenting with style, both in fashion and interiors, and this era favoured bold shapes and strong outlines such as this eye catching Italian mirror.

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