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How To Find The Best Damp Proofing Service Providers In Kent?

There are numerous reasons for needing the help of a damp proofing service provider. These could range from a damp patch on the plaster of a wall, to growth of mould on ceilings and walls, or a pre-house purchase damp survey.

Often, the optimum way of locating the best service provider is via recommendations. What’s more, if you are fortunate, a friend will have first-hand experience with regard to damp proofing Kent, and that is always worth considering. However, if this is not the case with you, how do you find the best damp proofing company?

In the present-day digital age, the Internet is the preferred medium to begin searching for service providers. Major search engines such as Google and Bing will throw up hundreds of service providers when you key in the phrase, “damp proofing.” However, before blindly trusting all company claims on the website such as “impeccable and honest service,” “high-quality workmanship,” and “well-qualified staff,” it can pay if you look a little deeper.

That being said, it is important to recognize that a majority of homeowners do not have surplus hours to spend in pre-vetting a damp proofing company in Kent before engaging their services. Hence, such short cuts are justified on most occasions.

An Easy Shortcut to Pre-vetted Damp Proofing Specialists

In the United Kingdom, there is a just a single nationally recognized trade association for damp proofing service providers. Therefore, the Property Care Association (PCA) is the ideal way to begin. The PCA have written standards laid down, and damp proofing service providers need to eventually meet these and effectively pass a stringent financial, health, safety, and insurance tests before they become members. Therefore, performing a quick search using the PCA website will provide you a lengthy list of PCA members in your area.

What’s next? Visit the website of each service provider and perform a quick scan. In today’s digital world designing a website is a snip and flashy website templates with some generic images and photographs are common. This does not throw enough light about those staff members working behind the scenes.

You are searching for certain real facts: some indication of substance behind that entire damp proofing gloss. Eventual clues to a high-quality service provider when it comes to damp proofing Kent include images of the staff members, managers, the boss, and it’s important employees. If the company is small, all employees need to be effectively represented. That being said, if the company comprises of only ten employees, then each represents 10% of the service package.

Next, have a look at the footer of the “Home” and “Contact Us” pages. In the United Kingdom, it is the law that stipulates that all company web pages need to have owner details displayed. These details include the real holding company name and its registered company number along with the registered address. These details give you the ability to verify the company’s previous records, including financial records and court cases, if any.

Customer testimonials are utilized by several companies, and it is true that what previous customers say regarding specific damp proofing specialists they have utilized eventually means much more than what the management has to say.


This was a brief overview with regard to finding the best damp proofing service providers in Kent. You can hire the best damp proofing services in Kent and enjoy all the quality benefits.

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