Getting a Diamond? Go Pink

A choice from various intense shades of colour from pure pink to some peculiar shade of orange-pink, brown-pink and purple-pink. Pink diamond consists of a range of colours. These diamonds are one of the most expensive and sort after diamonds; it is due to the romantic and lovable colour they have. The major reason for the pink diamond popularity is that it is extremely rare. Argyle Diamond mine is the only place responsible for 90 per cent of gem quality of the diamond. How do these naturally colourless substances get their pink hue is still wrapped in mystery.

Is The Purchase Appreciative?

To make a smart investment in argyle pink diamonds is by getting a GIA certification done. GIA might not be a gemological certificate but is known for its strict and consistent policies. Having done a GIA certification is foremost important because otherwise, you might not know what is being handed over to you. Diamonds of any other certification may emit light pink hue and be cheaper but may not be as original as GIA certified ones.

How Are Prices Set?

The much popular 4C system is used to grade and check the diamond. Carat cut clarity and colour. There might be various other attributes indulging themselves in determining the price of the diamond, but these four give us a general idea of pricing.


The bigger, the better it is also the most expensive. Diamond value escalates as the weight goes up the price per carat is heavier. A diamond weighing one carat would cost much more than half a carat diamond.


Due to their formation-taking place under extreme heat and pressure, diamonds too form imperfections called ‘inclusions’ on the inside. On the surface, they are termed as ‘blemishes’. Diamonds with fewer inclusions and blemishes have more brilliance to them. Hence, costlier in price.


The cut is defined as how much brilliance does a diamond have while reflecting light. It also explains diamond shape and polish. The beauty of the diamond depends upon cut than any other factor.


Every diamond is assigned a colour grade by the certification authority. The less body colour in the white diamond the truer colour it will show. Like in a white diamond the colour of a yellow tint will lower its price. However, some variety of highly praised diamonds are present in the market like pink, orange, brown and blue.

Why Invest In Argyle Pink Diamond?

Diamonds as rare as the Argyle pink diamond found in Australia which accounts for 90% of the world’s pink diamond supply. Due to the limited production and increasing demand in the world market,  investing in Argyle pink diamonds is the best investment opportunity in the world today. Argyle pink diamond collectors expect an appreciation of 30 per cent in the portfolio of diamond in the next year, and by the time of ten years it exaggerates up to 450 per cent. But, the catch is for the owners of the 0.01 per cent owners of those extremely rare diamond owner, who would eat fruits of the remarkable appreciation in the next decade.  

So if possible go and own these perfect quality cut and rare gems, make it a part of the rare occasion of your lives. Gift yourself and your loved ones these beautiful, long-lasting treasure.   

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