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Get The Best Nails, Screws And Fixings Online

Nails and screws are the most important fasteners that have a plethora of services to offer. This goes especially in carpentry and woodworking projects. Despite that both these tools make the effective use of fastening mechanism and friction, they can be installed in varied ways while being placed based on the strength of the fixing that is needed. There are different tools that need to be used along with nails, screws and fixing and you will get all these tools online at


Screws can be defined as threaded fixings or fasteners that are made of metal. They have one flat head that tends to be larger than their body and they also have ridges that give them the flexibility of being used with screwdrivers. The other end of a screw has pointed that twists into the material and drives it within the material. Screws are mainly used for positioning objects in the right place or for holding objects together.

Nails are similar to screws with the only difference being that they do not have threads. Nails serve in the form of friction fit fasteners that can easily be driven into work materials by using a nail gun or hammer. They also have pointed tips and flat heads for proper functioning and can hold two pieces together with a frictional force that is generated by forcing them into work materials. Nails tend to be permanent installations that cannot be removed very easily. They are made of steel and are available in varied sizes.

Shopping for Nails, Screws and Fasteners Online

Online stores offer screws, nails and fasteners is large numbers and in different varieties and qualities. There are other associated tools also available online that can be used for removing or installing different objects in a definite procedure. You can order these tools online by following a few simple steps and get them delivered right at your doorsteps. With Tradefix Direct- the online store being available for you 24/7, you get the scope of shopping for nails, screws and fasteners that come from the best and the most well-known brands.

Sometimes you might not need a bag of 100 screws or nails and sometimes you simply need two. There are other times when you might need them in thousands. So, this is what you get at tradefixdirect, the choice of buying just a single piece or thousands at the same time. This is one online store that offers you an extensive choice of screws, nails and fasteners that will help you in completing your DIY assignment or your project for a client in the most convenient way. Ordering online is quite easy and it can also help you in saving a huge amount of money. Shipments can be expected on the same day of product order with the orders reaching you within a very short span of time. So, whether you are in the look out of large nails for drywall or decking, finishing screws for moulding or roofing fasteners or nails, you can expect to get everything at Tradefix Direct.

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