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Five Things You Need To Know About Abdominoplasty Surgery

No parts of our body remain the same. Age leaves its sign on every part of our body and the Stomach is no different. Age, pregnancy, food habits, lack of exercise could cause high fat in the Stomach. Sometimes people complain that even a strict diet and exercise are not giving any result. In such cases, Abdominoplasty surgery becomes the savior. This surgery makes your tummy flattened by removing its excessive fat. This surgery is also known as Tummy Tuck. There are so many reputed clinics that offer cosmetic surgery Essex, you can count on them if you are planning to have this surgery. But before you make up your mind there are five important things that you should be aware of, such as:-cosmetic surgery essex

Pregnant women are not ideal candidates- if you are planning to have a baby you should postpone your surgery. As this process involves tightening the vertical muscles so it’s advised to postpone the surgery immediately if you are going to be a mother in some months. Getting the surgery after your delivery would be risk-free for both of you and your baby.

Healing would be time-taking- Yes you have to keep patience for the complete healing after surgery. As this surgery involves major clinical procedures so it will take at least some weeks to get completely healed. In such weeks you have to give yourself a lot of comfort and rest. No heavy-weighted task should be performed by you after at least 4-5 weeks of having this surgery. 

You will have a permanent scar- this surgery gives your abdomen a proper shape but it leaves a scar that is permanent. The slits involved in this surgery cause this scar and it never disappears. So if you are planning to have a tummy tuck surgery you must have prepared your mind to have a permanent scar on your body.

You have to live with surgical drains for the first two weeks- Surgical drains are placed in during the surgery and you have to live with these at least the first two weeks after the surgery. Such surgical drains are placed to prevent the risk of blood clots. In these two weeks, you have to be more careful about your movements. Complete bed rest is suggested to prevent any risk.

You may have to follow a strict diet- After getting the surgery your doctor may give you a diet chart to follow. Also, there will be some prescribed medicines that you have to take on time as per the doctor’s instructions. This will help you to get a fast recovery.

All these five things one should know before they go through this surgery. Also, it’s advised to get your surgery done from a reputed clinic to prevent any kind of further risk.

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