Features Of Country Home House Plans And Selecting The Right Builder

Country home house plans are inspired by outdoor living and a relaxed rural lifestyle. Also known as cottage residences or country houses, these house plans are a mixture of farmhouses and cottages. Essentially, they are often bigger in size than cottages, and make extensive use of wood for trims, sides and porches. They emphasise simplicity featured with central doors, uniformly spaced windows, porches in the rear and front, gabled roofs and wrap-around verandas. Let’s have a detailed look at these house plans. 

Features Of Country Home House Plans

The features of country homes seem to have origins in the home making styles of American settlers who followed vernacular styles and techniques for building their homes. They are mostly associated with informal purpose of living, and they always offer a decent sense of sophistication. They fit well with every type of suburban locality and their rustic country homes can be treated as the best place for spending vacation.  Some of the distinct features include of these house styles include:

  • Spacious porches 
  • Wraparound porches 
  • Private decks
  • Asymmetrical layout
  • Built over one or two stories only
  • Gable roof with dormer windows and cross gables
  • Big kitchen
  • Casual living space
  • Set back or detached garage
  • Multi-pane windows
  • Plenty of room both indoors and outdoors

With all these features, country home house plans are easily recognised due to their exterior building style. While these days, these country houses can be seen along a roadside, they blend most nicely with suburban localities. Warm and welcoming, these houses are simple in nature and provide ultimate comfort and functionality to the owners. They are much similar to Victorian, Colonial and Southern home plans. Nowadays, you can find some country home plans which are equipped with all modern amenities, and you can feel the luxury and get the utmost relaxation in your country home. 

Choosing A Builder Of Country Home House Plans

Being the owner of a country house can be one of the most satisfying undertakings of your lifetime. But you can make a wise decision only if you choose the right builder for its construction. Here are a few points to look out for:

  • The builder that you choose should be knowledgeable about the construction industry and should have covered a wide range of residential and commercial building.
  • They should have several years of experience in the construction industry, and you must check their previous country home plans before you hire.
  • They should be trustworthy in the industry and should have delivered accurate, complete and comprehensive house plans to their customers.
  • Their inventory should be of high quality. Here quality is needed more than quantity. If they have a few bestseller projects in their portfolio, then you can trust them to build your dream home.
  • Their staff members should be courteous, knowledgeable and experienced. They should use their experience to create the best country home house plans for you, and at the same time keep your individual needs and preferences in mind. They should make the required suggestions to improve your plan in the best possible way.
  • Have a look at their portfolio and give attention to the projects they have completed so far, and whether their buyers are satisfied with them or not. 
  • Their rates should be reasonable at par with the industry standards. You can compare their prices to choose an affordable one. 

Now that you have decided to build a home according to country home house plans, give attention to these points while choosing a builder to have your dream house constructed. Only then you will be able to make the best use of your country house.

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