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Designing Logo – Step By Step Guide

Sometimes, logo design may not be as easy task as it sound to be. People often get confused as they do not know what they have to do next. It may be due to their boredom or frustration of work. However, in such cases an average designer can’t work to its full extent. The simple way to start work is to have a glass of water & take a walk. Now, start the work in following way, step by step.


  • Sketch the outline of what the company or your client wants. You will be easily able to make it up in two or three lines. This will help you to get a clear idea what all your client wants from you.
  • Next thing is to consider the guideline provided by the client, if any. This is the most essential thing as your master piece design might get rejected if it does not follow your client’s guidelines.
  • Find sources for inspiration which resemble the theme which is reflected the in two line summary of step I. For instance, if logo is for green technology, take inspiration from nature, forest or landscape.
  • Once you decide the basic outline, sketch it out on the graph. Do not forget to implement the proportionality rules. Symmetry is essential in logo design to make logo attractive.
  • Add different color shades to it. Make sure that all the color shades are related to your theme. For instance, if your theme is about lion, try using yellow shade combinations with different saturation, gamma & hue.
  • Never over color the logo. Make sure your logo look good no matter where it is applied. If a logo fits on wall & does not look attractive on coffee mug, it might not be effective one.
  • The trend of informal design has been an outline. In other words, logo design need not be complex or stylish. The logo will be famous if this simple & sober. The famous logo of Nike is one of the prominent examples.
  • Do not forget to consider the symmetry. For instance, famous Apple logo has been designed with the symmetry of Golden Ratio. The same is with Twitter logo which has symmetries of circles for every curve.

At last, give a final touch. Sweep all extras from logo design & keep it as simple as you can. This will be your final logo. So go now and search for the best logo designers in this online world and get your company a different reorganization in this competitive world.

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