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Choosing The Best Home Cinema Installation

The phrase “home cinema” has evolved over the years and across the boundaries in the face of the increased demand for the theatrical experience of watching TV or a movie at home. As a matter of fact, home cinema installation has caught up worldwide. You will be happy to know that this growing demand and getting hooked to the home cinema by more and more people everyday have led to the birth of many companies for designing and installation here. As such, choosing the best vendor/company for such an installation is a difficult proposition. We, therefore, take this opportunity to present a list of points to ponder while choosing your partner for the home cinema installation.

  • Listing of home cinema installation companies/vendors: They say first thing first. We could not have said more than this in the matters of choosing your partner for the installation. Unless you know who all are there in your niche market, you will never be able to hire the right company or the vendor for the job of home cinema installation. Hence, you must prepare a list of such companies/vendors that install home cinema in your niche market using online and offline resources. At least, 10 – 15 companies/vendors should feature in your list based on your market area.
  • Feedback: Once the list is ready, you should start collecting feedback against each company/vendor from your family, friends, and colleagues and also using the online resources. Based on the feedback, give a ranking to each company/vendor. Based on the higher ranking, choose a couple of companies/vendors.
  • Experience: Check the experience of the companies/vendors for the job in your niche market over what they may have in total in other markets. Rank them accordingly.
  • Shortlisting: Here, you choose the best ranked companies/vendors for the purpose of installing a home cinema. Say, 4 – 5 vendors should feature here.
  • Talking: Talk to these companies/vendors detailing about your plan and listen to them carefully how they want to attempt your job.
  • Reference check: During the course of the discussion, ask for a couple of references from each company/vendor. Talk to those references individually and collect their views on the companies/vendors that offer to install the home cinema.
  • Final listing: Finally, choose 2- 3 companies/vendors for your job.
  • Commercial negotiation: Go for a commercial negotiation with them taking every detail into account in written format for the job of installing a home cinema. This will eliminate any confusion later.
  • Awarding the job: Award the job to the lowest bidder. But, always keep the second lowest bidder in a standby mode. This will minimise the risk of hampering the installation job in case the first bidder fails to deliver the job.

The aforesaid list is, however, not conclusive. You may have a specific requirement in mind and thus, can have some priorities too. As such, you may incorporate some more points here or may omit some of the points discussed here. That’s purely your personal call befitting the job of your home cinema installation.

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