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Can Scoliosis Affect The Length Of Your Life?


Scoliosis is a spinal disorder that will not affect your life until the teenage years. Even if you attain adolescence and the scoliosis curve is less than 20 degrees, you will not suffer any severe complications.

But, if the curve is higher than 50 degrees, it can adversely affect lungs causing shortness of breath. If the patient does not undergo treatment and the curve increases more than 80 degrees, the frequency of loss of breath increases.

Scoliosis becomes chronic if the patient has a sideways curve higher than 100 to 120 degrees. It results in frequent loss of breath along with a 50% reduction in the functioning of the lung. 

Also, Scoliosis can prove to be fatal as in a higher degree of curves it can cause lung and heart disorders. 

Treatment of Scoliosis:

Treatment of scoliosis is possible with nonsurgical methods. As per the survey, it gives you 100 % success results if it is carried out before adolescence. 

All the therapies, drugs and medicines can help you retain the original posture. It is because the spine is still growing. But once you attain puberty, nonsurgical treatment cannot help. You will have to undergo surgery.

Not undergoing surgical treatment for a prolonged time reduces the chances of correction, and there is a higher risk of complications.

With the passing time, if the curve goes on increasing, it will affect the quality of your life. You may suffer severe issues in bending, moving and will not be able to perform your daily activities effectively. 

Apart from physical interference, scoliosis can also affect sexual of the patient too. It is precisely in the case of women. It may not be because of their physical limitation but due to lack of confidence. The patient is self-conscious about her physical appearance.

Also, it is recommended to undergo the treatment once it is visible. If the procedure is delayed, the curve can increase by a minimum of 35%.

Cost of Scoliosis Treatment:

The Cost of Scoliosis Treatment in India ranges between USD 5,000 to 10,000. It is one of the most affordable prices for the treatment if you compare it to the expenses in any other country it is 40-45% more productive.

Also, the probability of success of surgery in India is over 95%. India ranks amongst the top five best companies in the world who provide the maximum number of successful scoliosis surgeries.

Final Words:

India is now the first choice for treatment, as the patient can avail maximum satisfaction in terms of medical services in the country. No matter whether you talk about timely availability of surgeons, use of advanced equipment in the hospital, specialised treatment centres, hospitality, convenience and much more.

The patients do not have to suffer any problem for getting treatment in a foreign country as medical tourism companies are always available to provide them with assistance. India has few of the top-notch medical tourism companies who are just a call away and give personal attention to all the healthcare travellers.

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