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All You Need To Know About Joinery Installation

Whether you are constructing a new house or renovating your existing one, hiring an experienced and skilled tradesman for joinery installation is essential. From installation of doors and windows to finishing work like movable walls, expert joiners will make sure that your construction work looks exactly like you imagined. Whether it is just the wood panelling you are planning to change, or you are investing in a large-scale home renovation, you will definitely need work of a joiner at some stage or the other. Often confused with the job of a carpenter, joiners are able to perform a much wider variety of services to ensure that the wood parts in your home look beautiful and keep functioning properly. Let’s see how:

Understanding the Difference between a Joiner and a Carpenter 

While both carpenters and joiners are involved in the construction and repair work of wood, one key difference is that a carpenter is responsible for fitting things on site, while joiners do their work offsite to craft the timber items. 

  • A joiner’s role is to join wood pieces together to create things that are ready for joinery installation on the site
  • A carpenter’s role is to install these crafted things in your house, such as a partition wall, flooring, window, door, etc.

Why You Need a Joiner?

Wood has been used in the construction industry for thousands of years, and wooden framed doors, windows and conservatories are live examples of this. Although many modern houses often feature plastic alternatives of wood, wooden joinery installation has a charm and quality of its own. Wooden structures look classic, and they are eco-friendlier than their plastic or metal counterparts. Considering this, the services of an expert joiner are always needed during construction and renovation projects. Here are a few jobs an experienced joiner can handle in your project:

  • Doors: Whether you want to change the look of your house or you want to increase its energy efficiency, a joiner can come to your place and offer door replacement services for your house. They will be able to change both your external and internal doors and ensure that they look good and perform well too. Their joinery installation job will include everything related to your doors, ranging from designing a beautiful, safe and secure front door to creating a robust internal door for your house that can withstand all the closing, opening, shoving and slamming from your family.
  • Windows: Installing and replacing windows need expert hands for joinery installation. They measure your window space and accordingly restore or replace your old windows for new. If your old wooden frame has started warping, rotting, sticking, chipping or corroding, then you should consider replacing it with a new one. But if the joinery is still performing well and there are no leaks entering your home, then you may do away with a small investment on its repairs. When you call a joiner, they will identify problems in your windows and suggest you the best possible solution. 
  • Conservatory: If you are planning to add a timber framed conservatory in your house, then the joiner will help you choose an ideal option in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs. Since wood can be easily stained, varnished or painted, joinery installation becomes a versatile option for setting up a conservatory.

So, whether you are planning to get a new front door or you want to replace your windows for eco-friendlier, modern alternatives, an expert joiner will complete any type of job with the highest standard of quality. So, get in touch with one today and let them inspect your house for valuable joinery installation suggestions.

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