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Advantages Of Using Gimbals Like FeiyuTech SPG

The camera stabilizers and gimbals have been used conventionally by the pros and with the FeiyuTech SPG; you can get the same stabilization for your smartphone. With the gimbals, you get a better handheld movement which isn’t possible otherwise. Take for instance; you are moving around, capturing your kid’s fun time on camera. This means that the camera would be moving all around and would be shaking quite a bit and causing the video to be a bit blurry in between.

This is where the gimbals can come to your rescue and ensure that you get those perfect shots. In simpler words, this is a stabilizer for your smartphone so that you can take crisp and smooth images and videos. It is for this reason that they have become the hottest new tool in today’s times. Listed below are a few advantages of using gimbals like the FeiyuTech SPG.

Perfect Balance

To get that perfect shot, you would need to make sure that your phone’s camera is balanced perfectly. An unbalanced camera can make it quite difficult to get the seamless footage that you want. However, with the Steadycams, you can easily balance your smartphone and shoot whatever you want.

Easy To Take Vehicle Shots

This gimbals is steady and small enough to take those amazing pictures and videos in rather confined spaces like the vehicles. The camera would remain absolutely stable even when the vehicle is in motion and that can offer a driver’s eye view of the motion. This also makes it possible to utilize the camera while hanging it out of the vehicle’s back. For that real life and practically real shots, gimbals would be your perfect choice.

Ease of Operation

There are various different positions in which the gimbals can be operated. When you are using two hands to use the camera, it would move as if it is floating in space. This also means that you would be able to aim directly at the scene. One of the hands would work as the support while the other one would be the operating hand. It is, of course, possible to use just one hand but then you wouldn’t be able to pan or tilt the camera or change the angles.

Offers a Wide Variety of Motions

As is quite obvious, setting up a certain shot does take up time and especially if for each one you require different tools. However, with gimbals, you would be able to get similar shots in much lesser time. This can prove to be advantageous for people who do not have much time, space or the patience to put in so much of effort.

Give it some time and practice. With more experience, you would be able to uncover all of its benefits and get good quality footage.

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