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5 Security Measures You Need For Your Home

Home security measures do not just protect your real estate investment but also safeguards your real treasure, your family. Adding security measures to your home is, therefore, a no-brainer. However, you do need to think a bit when planning the strategy around which specific measures should be included in your home security detail. You need a mix of cost-effective solutions that are also extremely adept at burglar proofing your home. Here are five key solutions that should be on your list without fail.

Door locks (electronic and non-electronic)

Locks are your primary line of defence against home intruders. You can password protect your home by engaging your electronic door locks with the entire security system of your home. However, do not skimp on manual door lock installations for added security in case of a power outage. All external doors and windows should have surface mounted deadbolts and choose the double -key varieties for the lower level windows and doors. 

Burglar alarm systems

Your alarm system is the foundation framework for your home defence.  The alarm system should be installed covering the entire house. All external doors and windows should be linked to the alarm system so that unwanted opening of any of these can trigger the burglar alarm immediately for assistance. Calling in professionals is important so they can assess your home and prep the correct installation for Burglar Alarms in London to help protect your property.

Motion detectors

Closeup on woman’s finger entering code into the keypad of the alarm system and activates the alarm

Motion detectors can be used to link the alarm systems to various areas of the home including the outside perimeter. Strategic placement of the sensors cannot only protect against outside intruders, but it can also help protect against small children and pets getting out of the house undetected.  

Home security cameras

You can link your security cameras to be triggered with the activation of the alarms or motion detectors. This helps capture the entire footage, which can be relayed to your security company giving them a complete picture of the number and build of the intruders. It can also alert you on whether the intruders are armed and prep for defence accordingly.

Secure your home perimeter

Make sure to install security measures along the outside perimeter, to make it difficult for intruders to even reach the periphery of your home before alarms are triggered. Solar motion sensors in your driveway or battery-powered cameras mounted on your outside fence can allow you to check the visitors to your home even before they have approached your front door. The alternative power sources secure these solutions against power failures.

Be smart with your security strategy. Awareness of your neighbourhood and people around you can help you protect your home more astutely. Do not hide your keys or passwords in common places such as the doormats or above the front door light holder. Make sure your landscape is regularly trimmed to keep your view to your driveway clear for the security cameras.

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